We encourage each couple purchasing a My Diamond Story ring to share their Love Story, as a way of remembering the experience and inspiring others. Please read the ideas and instructions below before submitting your story. We suggest that you tell your story in text of up to 500 words. You may type the text in the "Your Story" box or attach a file with extension txt, pdf, doc or docx.

  1. In your text, you may want to describe:
    • How you first met.
    • How you dated and became better acquainted.
    • Any obstacles you faced in developing a strong relationship.
    • People and events that led to a marriage proposal.
    • How you chose your My Diamond Story ring.
    • Wedding events and memories.

  2. You may upload a photo or brief video to illustrate your story. The maximum up-loadable file size is 4 MB. If your file size is larger, you may e-mail it to us at lovestory@mydiamondstory.com .

  3. If you wish us to publish your story online and elsewhere, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by checking the boxes.